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Organic Roots Stimulator (ORS) is considered one of the most successful African-American hair care brands for natural and relaxed hair care products. However, ORS realized their brand exposure was lacking within the female 18 – 27 demographic. ORS was very confident in their product offerings, but experienced challenges connecting with a younger demographic.

ORS brought this challenge to 10 Squared and engaged us to uplift a targeted marketing campaign for the younger African-American consumers (females) in key markets across the country. Leveraging a popular hair/beauty blogger, celebrity personality, street team and ORS CEO, Clarisa Wilson, 10 Squared was able to increase awareness in all designated markets (Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta and New York). In addition, the campaign garnered more than 100 million publicity impressions through broadcasts media buys (BET, Steve Harvey Show and Wendy Williams Show), print, digital and social media placements.

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Industry: Beauty
Services: Experiential Marketing, Digital and Influencer Engagement