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Think of sending an e-mail to a potential employer, vendor, editor, or buyer as a competition.  You are in competition with the other hundreds of e-mails these individuals receive weekly.  Now the question is, "How do you get them interested in YOU?"  There are others who want their attention just as much as you do, so here are a few tips to help your e-mail stand out.

1. Be Mindful of Their Time

The first tip is simple.  Don't waste their time.  These individuals and businesses are very busy, so the best thing you can do is have a clear subject and get straight to the point of why you are reaching out to them.

2. Be Aware of Your E-mail Address 

Make sure that the e-mail you are using is professional.  The last thing you would want is to be tossed to the side because of your e-mail address.  If need be, take time to create a new e-mail address that you use strictly for business purposes.

3. Do Your Research... Be Knowledgable!

Prior to reaching out to a potential employer or business, do your research.  Show them in your e-mail that you already know a little about them and their business.  They will appreciate the fact that you took the time do your research and are already two steps a head of the rest of the potential candidates.

4. Proof Read

Be sure to proof read your e-mail.  If possible allow a family member or a friend glance over it as well.


The ultimate goal is to make sure you leave a positive impression on the person reading your e-mail.  One powerful e-mail could be that one step to help you get your foot through the door, so be sure to make it count.  Good luck!


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