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Atlanta, GA, Oct. 2, 2015/ PRLog.org/ Atlanta is quickly becoming known for more than its music and reality shows. From the explosive art scene to film and television production, Atlanta has entered into a golden era that boost a great amount of cultural pride for the city. In efforts to highlight the new creative movement, industry veterans Cannon Kent, Jennifer Drake, the Chef Jason Ellis, Keinon Johnson and Tory Edwards have joined forces to create a new web series titled Dinner with Friends.
Hosted by TV Personality Rashan Ali, Dinner with Friends is a bi-monthly social/web series that brings creative, political and entrepreneurial friends together to partake in mentally-stimulating conversation in a fun, relaxed environment. This month, Dinner with Friends invited entrepreneur Jacob York, Judge Hatchett, Comedian Duval, radio personality Sarah Vivian, Author Julia Beverly, Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens, Horace Williams of Oracle and music producer Sonny Digital to experience the proverbial think tank.
Dinner with Friends marks our continued development of new media ideas and provides an enhanced viewing experience that connects with Atlanta's current culture," said Tory Edwards, Director of Dinner with Friends. "The forward-thinking influencers from Atlanta are recognized on this platform and continues to strengthen our position as a leader in the creative space."
Dinner with Friends will return October 8, 2015 for a special edition during the 11th annual A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Dinner with Friends or to view previous webisodes, please visit: www.dinnerwfriendsatl.com.

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