Bringing the fashion community together virtually RAGTRADE ATLANTA app

ATLANTA, GA, June 20, 2017/ PRLog/–The fastest growing fashion organization in the southeast, RAGTRADE ATLANTA, is announcing the release of their app for members. The RAGTRADE ATLANTA app serves as a virtual meeting room for emerging designers, style influencers, fashion & beauty bloggers, fashion professionals, makeup artists and more. Until now, there has never been a mobile app that brings the fashion & beauty community together instantly.

As the world is going digital, RAGTRADE ATLANTA predicts that this app will change the way the fashion community communicates. With the RAGTRADE ATLANTA app, members will be able to network with fashion professionals, display their work, partner with those who have similar professions, and stay up to date on Atlanta’s upcoming events.

“We look at the RAGTRADE ATLANTA app as a one stop shop for the fashion and beauty community in Atlanta.” – RAGTRADE ATLANTA founder Angela Watts


Benefits of the RAGTRADE ATLANTA app include:

  • Being a member of the fastest growing fashion organization in the South
  • Connect with fashion professionals and others in your profession
  • Instantly find members who work in a specific field
  • Access to a yearlong calendar curated by RAGTRADE ATLANTA
  • Receive tips and advice from RAGTRADE ATLANTA executives
  • Have immediate access to a growing fashion community


When members first open the RAGTRADE ATLANTA app, they are prompted to enter their email address. After they’re verified as a member, they will receive the full benefits of the app. Members can interact with each other through pictures on the dashboard, and also through instant message. Each member profile has the option to list an e-mail, phone number, and Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.


The RAGTRADE ATLANTA app is available for Android and IOS and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The RAGTRADE ATLANTA app requires a membership with RAGTRADE ATLANTA to activate. To become a member, please visit



Established in 2013, RAGTRADE ATLANTA is committed to developing a sustainable fashion industry for the city of Atlanta. Our organization aims to further the growth and interests of local and international designers in four key areas: Business Development, Scholarship Awards/Grants, Reputation, and Innovation & Tech.


Since its inception, RAGTRADE ATLANTA continues to provide leadership through strategic and creative programming to re-position Atlanta’s fashion industry as a key player in the global fashion space. RAGTRADE ATLANTA organizes the city’s official fashion week, showcasing the best of local and international emerging fashion designer collections to a diverse audience including press, buyers and consumers. RAGTRADE ATLANTA also manages a yearlong curated events calendar featuring exclusive listings of fashion-focused events hosted by key community leaders.


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