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3 Ways to be more productive

Let’s face it, we could all use a few more hours in our day sometimes.  Since we can’t, here are a few ways to utilize the time you do have.  Alumnify CEO and founder AJ Agrawal gave advice on Inc.com on how to be more productive throughout your day.  Check out a summary of his advice below. 

1. Home in on major tasks

Take time every morning to filter out your most important tasks and accomplish those.  Some of us tend to be the type of people who like to say yes to everything and everyone and we can get overwhelmed.  This can then lead to us doing poor work because we are rushing to get it all done.  Doing a few things well is much better than being average at everything.” – AJ Agrawal

2. Realize that discipline runs out

Studies show that each person only has so much self discipline.  In order to keep your self discipline it is important take breaks.  Use these breaks to relax, spend time with loved ones, and over all block out anything that has to do with work.  “Small breaks will go a long way in saving your discipline and avoiding burnout.” – AJ Agrawal

3. Drop time wasters

It is important to drop time wasters in your business and personal life.  In the business world, take time to shorten or cancel out any meetings or phone calls that typically run way too long.  Possibly try to change those unnecessary meetings or calls into emails.  Eliminate anyone in your life who does nothing but waste your time as well.  Keep those who keep you inspired and encouraged around

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